#cyclingunites was the official tag of the Berlin Bicycle Week, which the Berliner Fahrradschau is a (large) part of.

Podia X Chimpanzee BFS Ride

On Friday morning, just before the official opening of the Berliner Fahrradschau Podia and Chimpanzee organised the BFS Ride. Some bad luck tried it’s best to disrupt it (6 punctured inner tubes, 1 torn tire, 1 lost derailleur & some missing skin) but when people get together to share a passion, it is rare there is anything but good energy. Thanks again for those who found time to ride with us.

Berliner Fahrradschau

For a show that starts at 6pm and finishes at 11pm, carrying the good energy built up on the ride was not a problem. What could have helped too, was the live DJ in our hall as well as some Polish sweets and beer on the Podia stand.

Elsewhere at the show, some interesting discoveries were to be made including the newly launched Polish brand Rondo. Originally from the north of Poland, Rondo will be offering a range of gravel/adventure/cx bikes made from carbon, aluminium and steel. Our particular attention was caught by their forks that can be adjusted to alter the feel of the bike.

Festka have been busy collaborating with Nespresso to create some recycled aluminium frames. They also had a presence on the Campagnolo stand where they showed their commitment to research and development of carbon frames.

Field Cycles were showcasing more top-notch work on the ENVE stand, while Sarto displayed a prototype frame that featured an advanced seatpost adjustment system, along with a cockpit/headtube that conceals all cabling.

Shows like Berlin are perfect for meeting the people behind small cycling brands or the framemaker for your next bike. We enjoyed seeing old friends from Velocipedo and Standert as well as getting to know new ones like Vulpine, Fingerscrossed, August Bicycles, Brother Cycles and My Wild Love.

Other notable mentions to Gramm and Fern for their orange-themed collaboration along with Meerglas who won the coveted Campagnolo Best Build award (beating our own Podia Genesis Volare 931).

All in all great weekend of celebrations for the bike industry. Looking forward to the next year already.