Podia has teamed up with Czech framemaker Festka to put together a group of riders who were interested in exploring parts of Eastern Europe. We aren’t just interested in finding the perfect roads, but instead in the scars that remain from a troubled past and how they can inform the future.

In a series of posts we are introducing the companies that are supporting this project. In this post we look at ENVE.

Few people realise that many independent frame makers who produce carbon fibre frames actually use ENVE tubes, much like Columbus or Reynolds make steel tubes. There is a simple reason for this, and it is because ENVE really do make some of the best carbon fibre products on the market without compromise.

ENVE have also worked closely with Aero specialist Simon Smart to produce products using the Smart ENVE System (SES). Rims developed through this partnership range from the deep section 8.9’s to the newly introduced climbers wheels – SES 2.2. This climbers wheel came about “to give the climbing specialists on team MTN-Qhubeka every advantage as they make their first trip to the Tour de France.”

For the Podia | Festka team bikes we have a full ENVE cockpit including handlebars and seatpost as well as painted stem and Road 2.0 tapered forks. We also make use of their fantastic SES 3.4 clinchers that are both fast on the tarmac and robust on the gravel.