In Roadventures we strived to create a unique experience that results in more than just a ride in a new country. We wouldn’t be able to achieve this goal without the support of great companies. One of them is Brooks.

It is not the name of Brooks which makes the saddle good, but the saddle, and its excellence, that makes the name supreme.

Brooks has a long history and legacy for making the very best products. We felt their release of the C13 was one of the most exciting developments in both their history and saddle history in general. Their traditional saddles are known for their high levels of comfort and in the C13 they were able to translate this knowledge into a performance saddle.

Made from natural vulcanised rubber that allows for responsive movement to the cyclist, it is stretched over a braided carbon base and rails.

Roadventure guests will have the opportunity to try out the different sizes of C13 over the course of the weekend. We think that will be enough to convince riders of the saddles’ excellence and so we have arranged a special discount on the Brooks Online Store exclusive for our Roadventures 2017 guests.