There is a rhyme in polish (about a cricket in the reeds of Szczebrzeszyn) that is as difficult for a foreigner to say, as it is to spell. The rhyme is now embedded in the Polish psyche and thus the place is famous.

We paid this famous (now rather large and wooden) cricket a visit, although what was left in our memory after finishing the ride were countless blossoming tobacco fields. In search of the best roads to cycle on, we went to the east of Poland, an area referred to as Zamojszczyzna.

A 142km loop starts on the historic market square in Zamość. From here, taking the 837 to the west will lead to a rather nice road situated by an artificial lake and surrounded by picturesque views, just past Nielisz. Among ubiquitously thriving tobacco and maize fields we circle the lake and head west to reach Radecznica. If you’re looking for additional test, you can try a short, but demanding cobbled climb towards an historic Benedict monastery; located on a hill it dominates the area and can be seen from the distance. It also proves a good place to stock up on water and other refreshments.

Drifting lazy back roads surrounded by crops of ripened raspberries around Gilów we take on the only really testing climb of the day. After completing it, we loop back on ourselves and head south to Szczebrzeszyn. Passing by the wooden statue of the cricket playing the violin we continue south. Taking the 858 leads us to Zwierzyniec, where a stop for coffee or a beer in an old brewery is recommended. The view of the lake with an island and church on it, make it an even more pleasant rest spot.

From Zwierzyniec a nicely rising path by the River Wieprz leads us to Krasnobród. This is a hotspot for kayakers and you will see many of them around here! After defeating a few small climbs in the last part of the route, via Suchowola and Pniówek, we return to the recently renovated and sun bathed market square in Zamość, to end the day with a well-deserved beer.