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Tecno Tubo Torino
August 12, 2014 Max Burgess
  • 3T

Tecno Tubo Torino

3T to you and me

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Podia went to visit 3T, who make carbon and alloy bike components from handlebars and stems to seat posts and wheelsets.
3T have been around since the 1960’s when they were known as Tecno Tubo Torino, made steel bike components and even some saddles and ski poles (although the ski adventure was short lived).

These days, 3T concentrate on five markets: Road, Track, Cross, Triathlon and more recently MTB, however their core is still Road. It is reflected by their profile in the World Tour with both BMC and Garmin – Cervelo using 3T components. 3T make components in three levels from the Pro range, made of alloy, the Team range, made of carbon and the LTD range, made of high modulus carbon.

What makes 3T stand out over other component makers (except a few such as ENVE, Cinelli or Thompson) is the importance they place in the bespoke bicycle industry. This is plain to see if you take a walk around a show dedicated to bespoke bikes such as NAHBS (North American Handmade Bike Show), with 3T adorning some of the very best handbuilt frames. This is a part of the cycle industry, where often price is not an object and also where a holistic approach to the entire bike is taken by an artisan. To be in such company is something 3T can be proud of.

Not everyone can afford such bikes, but this shouldn’t prevent anyone from riding something that is individual to them. Recently, Podia had a bunch of 3T components re-sprayed to match the rest of the bike. It was a simple but effective way to create something striking and different. From what we heard on our visit, it sounds like 3T could make this even more attainable in the near future – we hope we can bring you this news very soon.