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55 x Col Du Keule
January 7, 2016 Max Burgess


55 x Col Du Keule

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In August last year Falko Behr of Dresden, Germany undertook a personal challenge that would have most of us running in fear.

Falko, rode for 15 hours and 25 minutes, achieving 307 kilometres and 8,920 metres elevation. But what makes this impressive from a psychological point of view, is that he achieved it all on the same 5.49 kilometre climb.

This is called Everesting. As simple as it is difficult. One single climb, cycled repeatedly until you have reached the equivalent elevation of the peak of Mount Everest; 8,848 metres.

But why would anyone undertake such a challenge. In Falko’s own words Ask people that climb Everest and you’ll hear the same answer: get to know your limits.

See more of the images by Georg Kunzmann and Falko’s account on his Exposure page.

Well done Falko!

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