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Berlin Bicycle Week
March 27, 2016 Max Burgess
  • Berlin Bicycle Week

Berlin Bicycle Week

Berliner Fahrradschau

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Every year in Berlin around the middle to the end of March a festival of cycling takes place. With regular events and parties throughout the week culminating in the Berliner Fahrradschau. This year Podia was there to explore.

The Berliner Fahrradschau is an expo featuring an interesting mix of brands from all walks of cycling. From the big hitters such as ENVE and Campagnolo to smaller brands such as Podia friends Jaegher, Crema, PassoniVelocipedo and Poland’s own Kajak Customs.

Taking into consideration that Standert are from Berlin it was no surprise they pulled out the stops to make sure their stand was one of the most popular – with regular supply of whiskey cocktails and a healthy love for Podia socks.

Another highlight was finally getting to see a Field Cycles in the flesh, and it certainly didn’t disappoint. Field were joined by a few other choice frame builders such as Troica, Mosaic, Belle, Crema and Legor Cicli on the excellent ENVE stand.

On top of all the great brands on show, there was also plenty of entertainment including the Junkyard Cross race and the SSCX European Championships. To top it all off was the RadRace, a fixed gear crit around a go-kart track a few stops away from the show on the U-Bahn.

Enjoy the gallery, and hopefully we will see you there next year!