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Bespoked 2017
April 25, 2017 Max Burgess
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Bespoked 2017

Full Circle

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In 2014 we visited the Bespoked Show in London and it became the first article on this blog. This year we went to see the show in it’s usual home of Bristol, England.

Bespoked is fast becoming the de-facto show for custom frame makers in Europe, similar to how NAHBS (North American Handbuilt Bike Show) has become the same across the Atlantic.

As the act of building a custom bike frame is becoming increasingly popular, shows like Bespoked reflect this movement. In its 2017 edition were long time producers like Condor or industry ‘Rock Stars’ like Feather Cycles, but there also appeared relatively new and exciting makers like Hartley and Talbot Frameworks. Then there were the small guys like Duzil, who have only just finished their second frame but nonetheless are doing some very interesting work!

It was the first opportunity for us to see a Bastion up close. This mixed material road frame is interesting because it is the first to use 3D printed titanium (rather modern looking) lugs to connect carbon tubes.

Lithuanian’s Wittson were present with two very fine titanium bikes, we have been following their work for a while and it is as impressive in real life as it is in pictures. The same can be said for English Cycles, the Portland based framebuilder Rob English (he is English as well!).

Chris King was present on the Saddleback booth, sharing wisdoms about their high-class bearings and parts, as well as their Cielo steel frames.

We even had the pleasure of bumping into a Podia kit wearing, paint extraordinaire; Dr.Bobby of Colourburn Studio. As well as his Podia-loving dog Rudy, he also had his latest self-painted Talbot, which we will publish in a Machines gallery soon!