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Camille’s Legend 650c
December 7, 2016 Max Burgess
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Camille’s Legend 650c

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We have been saving this gloriously beautiful custom carbon Legend for a special occasion, and the announcement of our Roadventures 2017 dates was just the occasion.

Camille brought this stunning machine to the inaugural Roadventures earlier this year and we stole some time with it during one of the coffee breaks to get some images.

The bike was custom made for Camille with a geometry that would accept 650c wheels. This enabled the small frame size to keep it’s proportions

On a small frame like this, overbearing 700c wheels would not only affect the aesthetics but also have an impact on the ride quality; the adjustment of angles and dimension to accommodate standard wheels would have a detrimental effect on the responsiveness and comfort of the bike.

The frame was presented to Camille by Marco Bertoletti personally and then built up locally in Belgium with Campagnolo Chorus EPS.