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Christian’s Speedvagen
February 16, 2017 Max Burgess

Christian’s Speedvagen

A Golden Handshake

Posted in Machines

This is Christian Meier’s custom steel Speedvagen, a present to himself when he retired from being a pro-cyclist for Orica-GreenEDGE/BikeExchange last year.

As a Pro, it is normal to receive kit and bikes for free. For young pro’s the beginning of the season is especially exciting when the suitcase of gear arrives along with the new seasons bike completed with the latest components. For seasoned pro’s at the end of their career this is just another part of the process as the joy of riding and love of bikes fades away to become another part of the working day.

Christian (the co-founder of La Fabrica, Espresso Mafia and now also The Service Course in Girona) decided that when he retired he would choose himself something special to ride. He spent some time looking at what was on offer but kept coming back to the same idea, a Speedvagen by Vanilla Workshop.

Vanilla Workshop and Speedvagen are the handiwork of frame making legend Sacha White, based in Portland, Oregon. This is the first time a Speedvagen has featured in the Podia Machines gallery and it is a fine example.

A build that spare’s nothing; the latest Dura Ace mechanical groupset (Christian has had some bad experiences with electronic during his racing days) with full ENVE build. A Brooks C13 saddle adorns the integrated seatpost that is an iconic part of a Speedvagen. Completing the cockpit is a bell, left as a gift from a Danish friend, which Christian decided to keep as a useful tool for the tourists he encounters in Girona.

A paint job to match his newest venture; Service Course, we think the gold stripe represents his ‘golden handshake’ after retiring. For Christian, the bike has rekindled a love of cycling and everything that surrounds it!

We shot the bike during an interview with Christian at The Service Course in Girona. More photos and a special ‘Podia meets…’ film coming soon.