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Cielo Sportif
March 25, 2015 Max Burgess
  • Cielo Sportif

Cielo Sportif

Portland Take Over Part 1

Posted in Machines

During a visit to Rapha in London we were surprised by how many Portland based companies were being represented there. So much so that it got us thinking about where the spiritual ‘head’ of cycling might be.

We think it might be Portland these days and our first piece of evidence to support this is Justin’s Cielo Sportif.

Cielo are actually the frame-making section of ‘cool-bikes-standard-components-company’ Chris King, so it stands to reason that CK components are found in every possible place they can be on this bike. In fact, the component choice and colour was so much to our taste, we left Justin with a special bidon to compliment the look

The Cielo Sportif is based on classic steel bikes of the 70’s & 80’s yet with a more modern geometry that gives the bike a refined elegance with it’s subtle, thin tubing. Justin added to this elegance with a carefully chosen Dura Ace 7800 groupset, which nicely matches the patina of the frame. A gold KMC chain gives it a little bit of bling!