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Cycling in Mallorca
September 19, 2017 Max Burgess

Cycling in Mallorca

Falko and Friends light-up the Balearics

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Located off the coast of Spain, Mallorca is the largest of the Balearic Islands archipelago. It also happens to be somewhat of a cycling paradise with pristine tarmac roads and a distinct lack of traffic.

Photographs by Falko Behr.


Earlier this year Falko Behr, Gorge Kunzmann and Robert Richter visited the island equipped in the classic colours of Podia. Mallorca has become an island for cyclists since the main part of the traffic was diverted through a tunnel. But, rather than let the mountain roads decay, they have been well looked after, specifically for the riders experience. Not only that, but the islanders are not acutely aware that cycle tourism is a big bonus for the local economy and so treat them well!

Exploring twisting climbs like the Coll de Sóller and Coll de sa Batalla; Falko captured his friends’ spring adventure magnificently. From those epic landscapes to the small little moments and details that give us a real flavour of what it is like to ride there. Click through to the gallery and explore the rich colours in this cycling paradise with Falko and his friends.

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