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Dr. Bobby’s Gravel Machine
May 4, 2017 Max Burgess

Dr. Bobby’s Gravel Machine

Talbot Frameworks Gnarmac

Posted in Machines

This is Dr. Bobby of Colourburn Studio’s very own Talbot Frameworks gravel machine called a Gnarmac.

Bobby has had a long partnership with Talbot, ever since he walked the halls of the Bespoked show asking which framemaker would let him paint his own frame. It is not something they usually agree to, but I am pretty sure Matt from Talbot is glad he did.

That started a relationship between the two that resulted in a number of exotic paint jobs on various Talbots being done by Bobby, including three of his own.

This is the latest, which is his dedicated gravel and rough stuff bike. The frame is Columbus Spirit steel with an integrated seat tube made from a single carbon tube. The bike has the signature Talbot delicate wishbone seatstays.

Sporting an ENVE GRD fork with (not pictured) snap in matching fender as well as custom built August Wheels and Ultegra Hydro di2 groupset.

Typically Bobby put some character into the paint work with ‘Shit Outta Luck’ on the stem and ‘Save the Frontmech’ on the front derailleur band, a reference to the growing trend of 1x chainrings.