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Exploring Hidden Europe
July 5, 2017 Max Burgess
  • Exploring Hidden Europe

Exploring Hidden Europe

Podia Roadventures Spring 2017

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In 2016 we launched the concept of Roadventures to a small group of people. The aim was to test our idea of supported cycling adventures in Hidden Europe and the response was overwhelming.

Two Roadventure trips located by the border of Poland and Slovakia took place this Spring, crossing numerous national parks and nature reserves with the glorious Tatra Mountains as a backdrop to our adventures.

Genesis supplied a purpose built fleet of Volare 853 steel bikes available for guests to rent as well as favourable pricing for those who like the bikes so much they wanted to take them home.

Our ride leaders rode Genesis Volare painted with Podia colours and featuring Campagnolo groupsets and wheels.

Wahoo offered Elemnt GPS computers for ride leaders as well as the support vehicle to enable route navigation and group tracking on the road. The partnership with Wahoo meant that Roadventures’ guests could also test the devices during the trip.

Brooks sent their carbon railed C13 saddle in multiple sizes and again there was opportunity to test the product and buy it with a discount. Only after trying these saddles some riders understood that the perfect saddle shape meant padding was a non-essential.

Our support vehicle and mechanic, while out of sight, was always on call ready to fix any problems or provide food and drinks when needed. Stocked with Chimpanzee products for hydration and nutrition, our guests were surprised at how tasty and healthy they were. Some of them liked it so much that they have ordered their own stock of Chimpanzee for when they got home.

With guests travelling from the UK, Germany, Belgium and as far afield as Australia we had diverse groups of people with a passion for cycling and adventure uniting them. Strong friendships were made while experiencing new surroundings.

Common feedback from guests was about how good the condition of the roads was with a distinct lack of traffic on the carefully chosen routes that we prepared. Riders who usually spent their time in well-known and common road cycling destinations in other parts of the world struggled to hide their surprise with challenges, scenery and the unexpected beauty of the Tatras.

The experience off the bike is as important as the one on it. That is why we made sure that each and every stop along the routes offered riders opportunity to see first hand an Eastern European culture and hospitality as well as try local food and drink.

But it wasn’t only the planned stops that had our guests excitedly reliving their days adventures over dinner. One of our impromptu breaks found us in a ‘Bacówka’ (traditional mountain hut) located in a picturesque spot, halfway up a climb, where we got to see the manual process of making traditional Polish mountain cheese.

The resounding success of the Spring Roadventures was evident as many guests kept prompting us to increase the Roadventures destination list, and that is exactly our plan. Over the coming few months we will be adding Roadventures’ locations from across Hidden Europe and we are even going to plan something completely different….we think we will call it Gravelventures.

For those that have yet to experience Roadventures Tatra; we highly recommend you investigate our June 2018 trip currently live on the Travel section of our website. Places are limited to eight, so don’t miss out.