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Feather Cycles
December 29, 2015 Max Burgess

Feather Cycles

A Prize Frame

Posted in Machines

At this time of the year, many cyclists have their sights firmly set on the Festive 500. Last year’s winners recently received their prize, a Feather Cycles custom steel frame.

John Braynard and Boban Trajkovski won the 2014 Festive 500 with a website that beautifully documented the trials and tribulations of attempting the challenge of riding 500 kilometres between Christmas and New Year in the Austrian Alps.

The winter weather proved too much, but undeterred they relocated to the (slightly) warmer climbs of Italy.

The prize for their brilliantly told story is this custom Feather Cycles steel frame, which John will ride after beating Boban in a snowy wrestling match. (This might not be true?)

John had the bike and wheels built up by Josh at Veletage in Vienna. He opted to complete the classy paintwork with the latest ENVE black-on-black cockpit. The excellent 2015 Campagnolo Chorus groupset should keep him shifting (even in the snow) and the finishing touch of H Plus Son Archetype rims on White Industry hubs complete the build.

Photos by David Robinson.