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Great Roads: Boar’s Pass, Poland
November 26, 2018 Max Burgess

Great Roads: Boar's Pass, Poland

Our favourite roads to cycle

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What are the great roads to cycle on in Hidden Europe? In this series, we take you through some of our favourites, this time Knurowska or The Boar’s Pass in Poland. Cycle Poland with Podia.

At only 7.6km with an average of 5% gradient, this isn’t the hardest of climbs you are likely to encounter. However, on the way to reaching the highest point at 1,100m the views along the way will keep you intoxicated.

The road curves gently around the peak weaving it’s way towards and then away from the Tatra Mountains. When the trees part, forest lines show glimpses of the view across the valley.

Don’t be alarmed that this climb is listed on the dangerous roads website–  after all it’s sub heading is ‘the world’s most spectacular roads’! Traffic is a scarce sight and the surface has recently been replaced by a silky ribbon of tarmac.

If you aren’t in a rush to get to the top, you can even stop off halfway and see how the traditional mountain cheese Oscypek is made in a timber smoke house.

Cycle Poland with Podiaventures.

To explore the Great Roads of Hidden Europe, join us on a Podiaventure. This great road can be found on the Tatra Mountains Roadventure, 12th  – 16th  June 2019or 11th  – 15th  September 2019. More info under Travel.