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Great Roads: Mangart, Slovenia
November 8, 2017 Max Burgess

Great Roads: Mangart, Slovenia

Our favourite roads to cycle

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What are the great roads to cycle on in Hidden Europe? In this series, we take you through some of our favourites. We start big with what might be one of our favourites. Join us as we cycle Mangart in Slovenia.

An epic climb with views to match

At just over 11km with an average gradient of 9%, this isn’t an easy climb. However, with spectacular views from the very start, increasing in their impressiveness until you reach the Mangart; your effort will be rewarded.

Due to the road not being a pass, but a one-way route to the top; traffic is usually limited. The climb becomes a peaceful affair with more time to take in the amazing surroundings.

Join us and cycle Mangart and  the Julian Alps with Roadventures

To explore the Great Roads of Hidden Europe, join us on a Podia Roadventure. The Mangart forms the pinnacle of a trip to the Julian Alps we are introducing in 2018. Join us from 6th – 10th June 2018 as we explore the lost and forgotten roads of the Upper Carniola region of Slovenia.