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Great Roads: Osturňa, Slovakia
October 26, 2018 Max Burgess

Great Roads: Osturňa, Slovakia

Our favourite roads to cycle

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What are the great roads to cycle on in Hidden Europe? In this series, we take you through some of our favourites. This is a gem hidden in the borderlands around Poland and Slovakia. Cycle Tatra with us…

All roads approaching the mountain enclave Osturňa are worth exploring, but there is one in particular that can stir the soul of a cycling enthusiast.

Heading north from Osturňa, the road crosses a small bridge and winds it’s way into the forest. As the gradient slowly starts to rise the peaks of the High Tatra show themselves through the tree tops.

The tarmac is only a few years old and the restriction on motor vehicles mean that it is still very fresh. It also means that the majority of the climb will be car-free.

The gradient remains low for the 7.6km as it runs through the trees. Two switchbacks take you up higher to where the views across the surrounding area are revealed. The road then levels out and snakes around the edge of the Magurka ridge; the peak of the climb.

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Explore the Great Roads of Hidden Europe on a Podiaventure. Osturňa is a key part of the Tatra Mountains Roadventure in 2019 where we will have two trips taking place in June and September. Cycle Tatra with us.