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June 24, 2015 Max Burgess
  • Jaegher Interceptor Superstiff


Diel’s Interceptor

Posted in Machines

This is Jaegher owner Diel Vaneenooghe’s Interceptor Superstiff. We recently visited Jaegher in Flanders, Belgium and as you can see, Diel had just finished tearing up the cobbles before we shot this.

The Superstiff is a modified version of the already stiff Classic Interceptor made from Columbus Spirit tubes. It is aimed at stronger, heavier racing types, looking for less flex in their frame.

Diel’s bike actually shares some resemblance to one of the Velominati steeds as well as a Velominati logo on the seat tube. The ‘Keepers of the Rules’ hold Jaegher close to their hearts and it seems a good friendship exists, so much so that Diel wanted to mark this on his frame.

There is a simple elegance to the paintwork on this bike (like so many other Jaeghers) that we really enjoy. The coarse matte grey paint that they call ‘Gritty Grey’, contrasts nicely with the smooth but still matte ‘Jaegher Orange’. Even the King Cages have been given a little customisation.