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Keira McVitty
June 6, 2017 Max Burgess
  • Keira McVitty

Keira McVitty

First Year at Cyclist’s University

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Keira McVitty is a first year Pro-Cyclist with the British Women’s UCI Professional team WNT. She featured in our recent Spring Summer’17 lookbook we photographed in Catalunya where she is currently based. We took her aside when the cameras weren’t shooting to ask about her life as a pro.

Keira has been at Team WNT for a couple of years now, but with the team becoming part of the Women’s Elite, this season will be her first as a pro. She explains that with the change in category the team has grown with new riders joining the roster with the likes of Scottish legend Katie Archibald.

This has also meant the team competes in more international races and Keira took the opportunity to relocate to cycling mecca; Girona.

It was a little daunting to come and live in Girona, definitely a big learning curve. It is the first time I have lived out of the UK so for me it is a big learning experience and with so many pro’s in the community here in Girona, it almost feels like a Cyclist’s University.

The warmer weather through the winter months is definitely a big draw for the likes of Keira, but the community is also a key. Spending time in Girona it is impossible not to be submersed in the pro-life. As we sit in La Fabrica (café for cyclists) and talk, Keira stops continually to greet riders from all the big teams.

I just like cycling with people and there are always people here to cycle with. Whether I am out with other pro girls, or guys or even the amateurs that come, everyone is just here to enjoy the cycling.

Keira has cycling in the blood. Both her parents were keen cyclists and introduced her to the sport at an early age when they set up a local cycling club. Her grandfather was even a committed racer.

My mum was a very strong female role model and I took a lot of strength from that, they are both very supportive of the life I have chosen, although they do think the fixed-gear crits I do are a bit daft.

Keira enjoys most aspects of the sport of cycling; from road and cyclocross to the track as well. She is also keen on the area where road and track meet; fixed gear crits. She has ridden the legendary Red Hook Crits. Known for being more dangerous than most forms of cycling, but as Keira says, that’s just part of the race;

The spectators probably like it. Maybe we are the modern gladiators?

She has a strong presence on social media with her Instagram and her move into Vlogging. She feels these are the ways she can express herself and helps raise the profile of women’s cycling.

I feel optimistic about the direction of women’s cycling. Slowly we are seeing the prize money getting parity with the men’s side. It puts me at ease a little with my career prospects, certainly. It really needs to continue to fight for equal opportunities like equal pay and media coverage, and it deserves it; it’s really exciting!

Keira is relishing the season as a pro, with plenty of opportunity to travel and see new places. The race calendar is looking quite full with an emphasis on single day races with the odd stage race.

Good luck to Keira for the season, we’ll be keeping our fingers crossed for a strong first pro year and many more to come!