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August 15, 2014 Max Burgess
  • legend queen titanium


The Titanium Queen

Posted in Machines

This is Legend’s top of the range road bike made from grade 9 titanium and features a carbon seat tube that also functions as an integrated seat post.
The model we photographed was actually for next seasons range and uses some interesting carbon and titanium technology for the seat tube.

The bike has a very holistic approach in it’s build, which we always enjoy. A custom carbon bottle cage with the Legend wings compliments the branded ControlTech titanium stem as well as the handlebars and fork with company logos.

As with most modern frames the 44mm head tube, tapered fork and possibility of a BB30 bottom bracket stiffens up the frame for a race feel, but it’s the combination of carbon and titanium that make this bike both firm and serene; characteristics that every good Queen has in abundance.