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Litespeed T3
July 13, 2016 Max Burgess

Litespeed T3

Bikes of Roadventures

Posted in Machines

There were some stunning bikes at the inaugural Roadventures and we managed to shoot a few of them. First up is Philippe’s Litespeed T3.

The component choice of this bike is simple; it has the sole aim of reducing weight to the bare minimum. When you combine a bike this light with the dampening properties of titanium as a frame material, you get a very interesting result.

With EVNE 3.4 tubulars, EE brakes, THM fork and an AX Lightness seatpost / Tune saddle combination, along with the very light Cannondale SI crank arms with Carbon-Ti chain rings; this is one light build which comes in at only 6.4kg.

We took it for a very quick spin to check how it rode and how long we might cope with that minimal Tune saddle and were pleasantly surprised. It was spritely and responsive without question. Sometimes a ‘weight-weenie’ bike can be uncomfortable due to the stiffness and road response of carbon, but in this case the titanium mitigates against it.

As for the saddle; only time and kilometres could answer that! Judging by Philippe’s four successful Roadventure days, he must like it.