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Momentum Workshop
October 5, 2015 Max Burgess

Momentum Workshop

Building Momentum

Posted in Meet the Makers

At Podia we try to feature some of the best, well-known frame builders that we can find. But when we heard about Michał Krzyżanowski of Momentum Workshop something felt very new and interesting.

Michał’s story is not too dissimilar to other frame makers that we have met, when he decided on a drastic change of career. Trained as a civil engineer and working unhappily in construction for a few years brought him to the realisation that he needed to pursue his passion for bicycles.

Momentum has been running as a servicing workshop in the North of Kraków, but there was always ambition to create something bigger and Michał has been teaching himself how to build his own steel frames. When we visited, his first frame had just been finished and was ready for painting. The Columbus Steel light-tourer that could also double up as a cyclo-cross bike has lugged joints and shows a very promising beginning.

When people follow their passion, they bring with them an almost uncontrollable urge to learn as much as they can in any way they can. Such passion has led Michał and his friend Piotr Lisiecki to travel through Italy to meet some of their frame making idols. The same passion will likely see him close down the workshop for few weeks this winter to do something similar.

We are looking forward to following the progression of Michał on his journey through the world of frame building and documenting it on these pages. Stay tuned!