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September 19, 2014 Max Burgess
  • Passoni Top Force


Top Force ready for delivery

Posted in Machines

This is Francesco’s Passoni Top Force Wired that was completed the day Podia visited the Passoni workshop. We managed to take it outside and get some photographs for the Podia Machines gallery.

Passoni’s are always something close to jewellery and this particular example didn’t disappoint. From the level of detail that goes into each joint to the subtle yet sophisticated graphic finish using a blasted texture and polishing on the rest of the frame.

The Top Force Wired model allows for electronic groupsets with internal wire routing. This particular model had di2 and we are informed that a higher number of Italian clients go for this option, which took us by surprise. It seems it is the non-Italian customers whoprefer to keep the bike ‘all Italian’.

What also caught our attention were the Passoni handbuilt wheels with branded hubs. This particular set features alloy rims but an option with a carbon rim is also possible.

Podia will soon be posting it’s tour of the Passoni workshop where we watched the final stages of building and hand finishing customers bikes, just like Francesco’s.