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Philippe’s Ciocc
May 22, 2015 Max Burgess
  • Ciocc

Philippe’s Ciocc

Modernised Classic

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While at this year’s Liège – Bastogne – Liège, Podia visited one of its regular readers and his machine.
Philippe lives only 300 meters away from the mythical climb of La Roche aux Faucons, so it felt only natural to shot him with his Ciocc just before the race came through.

A lugged frame made from Columbus EL tubes, this Italian racer was given a little modernization by Philippe when he bought it. The first build was rather more Italian, using our favorite Nemesis rims, but even without them it’s still a classy ride.

Ciocc is one of the great Italian frame builders of days passed, alongside the likes of Colnago, De Rosa and Pegoretti. While Colnago were able to adapt to modern materials and techniques and Pegoretti able to produce bespoke steel masterpieces, Ciocc seemed to do neither.

Moving away from their vintage heritage of steel they tried to adapt to aluminium and carbon but were never quite able to capture an audience as they once did with bikes like Philippe’s.

Thank you to Philippe for helping to plan our day at Liège – Bastogne – Liège and his patience with dodging cars while we shot his bike on the bridge.