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January 24, 2017 Max Burgess
  • Lisiecki


Tools for the job

Posted in Meet the Makers

Piotr Lisiecki was brought up in a house where metalworking was part of everyday life. Add to this the fact that he studied art and has an un-relenting passion for cycling and you get one incredibly interesting frame maker.

Piotr’s father was a mechanic with a workshop at home, repairing engines using his metalworking expertise to machine new parts. It was him who ignited in Piotr an interest in working with metal and taught him how to braze. Piotr took this new skill and applied it to his cycling passion by making his own single speed bike.

This family history also helps to explain some of the large overbearing machinery that he shares a workshop with. Overkill for most frame making needs, but still beautiful to behold.

His first single speed frame was built in 2013 and since then Piotr has made ten more alongside numerous custom racks for clients around the world. The latest of his eleven frames is another personal project; his own custom tourer we presented in the Machines gallery.

This latest touring frame (as well as an earlier commuter bike he made for his brother), shows that Piotr is constantly trying to push the boundaries of his work. Both bikes featured a customised seat post with an integrated rear light, powered using internal cabling to a Son hub in the front wheel. Now he has completed them, he is considering ways that he could improve their application on future projects.

Every Lisiecki frame is custom built to the exact specifications of the client. Piotr is the type of frame builder who likes to understand how a client will want to use the bike and then try to come up with innovative ways to make the bike perform better.

We can’t wait to see what his next innovation will be.