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January 13, 2017 Max Burgess
  • PiLisiecki


The Shoemakers’ Shoes

Posted in Machines

This is the steel ‘do-it-all’ touring bike of Piotr Lisiecki, a Polish custom framemaker known as Pi.

We went for a short ride with Piotr by a wooded expanse of forest in Niepołomice. The town just outside Kraków is where Piotr grew up and where his workshop is located. It proved the perfect place to photograph his latest creation; his very own bike.

Made from Columbus Zona tubes with XCr stainless headtube, the bike represents more than his latest work. It is everything he wanted in a bike without any external interference.

Welded and painted by Piotr, the bike is a sea of interesting features, such as the Son hub that uses internal hidden cabling to power front and rear lights. It is the rear light that is the most interesting of the framemakers’ follies. Taking a stock light fitting, Piotr built his own interface to the Ritchey seatpost allowing for seamless, wire-free integration.

The Ultegra groupset is supplemented with Retroshift levers to make it easier to fix if anything goes wrong while touring. The cable levers also feed the TRP hybrid-hydraulic callipers; mechanically controlled brakes but with hydro stopping power.

The bike can handle 35mm tires with the custom painted Velo Orange mudguards and up to 42mm without.

Want to know more about the bike; leave a comment below and Piotr will help you with the answer.