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Podia Apparel

The original Club Colours Jersey was produced for riders to wear during the New Roads articles that were the foundations of this website. The many requests to purchase the jersey led us to produce a number of ‘Original Edition’ versions that quickly sold out, and so began the journey of our cycling apparel.

One jersey has slowly grown to a collection of pieces that all embody the same ethos of long lasting style and quality. That same jersey is still available now in our shop.

Many small cycling brands work with producers who have a preset cut and fabrics; the brand simply puts their graphic design on it. In the early days of Podia this was also how we were operating, but it just didn’t offer the results we were aiming for.

We now work with some of the very best manufacturers from around Europe and they help us through a long period of prototyping and testing to ensure all the details are correct. It results in a much better product.

The decision to place an emphasis on selecting quality fabrics with the right details for every garment we produce, means that it can take longer to develop a range of clothing.

This is like a slow-food approach and we believe that taking time to ensure that each piece of clothing we release, is as good as we can possibly make it, is what sets Podia out from the crowd.

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We always like to hear from you, so if you need to contact us for any reason please email us at [email protected] and we will do our best to reply to you within 24 hours.


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