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Podia & Chimpanzee
May 18, 2017 Max Burgess
  • Chimpanzee

Podia & Chimpanzee

Roadventures Partner

Posted in Podia News

When we created Roadventures we wanted to make something unique that pushed the boundaries of what people expect from a cycling holiday. To accomplish this we knew we needed exceptional partners, companies that think differently from their peers, and Chimpanzee are the perfect example of this.

On each Roadventure our support vehicle carries all the nutrition and hydration you could possibly need on a ride. But, most importantly they don’t carry just any gels or drink powder; they carry Chimpanzee Natural Energy products.

From gluten free and vegan friendly Energy Bars and Energy Chews to the Gunpowder Energy drink, what stands out about Chimpanzee is their desire to create products that not only work perfectly, but more importantly taste great.

Because Chimpanzee use only natural ingredients, cyclists can rest assured that they won’t suffer any of the problems that can occur with some energy products that don’t agree with their stomach.

We are very pleased to count Chimpanzee in our list of sponsors for Roadventures. We just need to try and forget there is a box of tasty Chimpanzee products in our office!