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Podia & Genesis
February 10, 2017 Max Burgess

Podia & Genesis

Roadventures Partner

Posted in Podia News

Podia Roadventures are more than just a cycling holiday, they are an unforgettable experience of adventures in alternative locations. To help us make Roadventures truly special we have teamed up with a few great cycling companies. One of them is Genesis.

We have always held the British bike brand Genesis in high esteem; a company that produces bikes they themselves want to ride. Cyclists at heart, they enjoy bucking trends. Their fantastic Volare stainless steel bike has been an ever-present in their co-sponsored British Continental Pro racing team Madison Genesis and now features alongside their carbon race machine the Genesis Zero.

Genesis is just finishing building a fleet of Volare bikes, which we will be able to offer for rent for Roadventure guests. Built up with Shimano Ultegra groupsets and Shimano Ultegra 6800 wheelsets, the smooth but responsive steel frames are the perfect way to experience adventures in Hidden Europe.

If there is a preference for a carbon bike, Genesis will also be able to supply their highly acclaimed Zero frame with a similar build.

In addition, for all Roadventures participants we have arranged an exclusive offer for Genesis bikes. After an amazing weekend of riding on a Genesis frame – guests will have the opportunity to purchase their own with a very special discount.

In true Podia style and to celebrate the partnership, we are also working on two unique Volare builds that will feature custom paintwork by the talented Doktor Bobby, a sample of what is coming below. Stay tuned for more news.

Images courtesy of Genesis UK.