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Rapha Prestige
August 26, 2015 Max Burgess

Rapha Prestige


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The Podia | Festka team take on the Rapha Prestige Limburg. Originally posted on the Podia | Festka microsite.

Everything has to begin | Alles moet beginnen

The route was planned as a figure of eight with the north and south loops marking the first and second parts of the day separated by stop at the MCC Franco (Rapha Mobile Cycle Club) in the middle. Although, it wasn’t only the route that would mark the day clearly into two parts.

Incandescent weather characterised the morning in probably the prettier part of the ride. After making a slight error in navigation and completing the southern loop in reverse, we rode solo with no other teams to join or be joined by.

A wrong turn | Een verkeerde afslag

The route lead us down through the Simmerath region, taking in numerous gravel sections as well as a picturesque part along the Urft Reservoir. The only contact we made with other teams was the fleeting waves as they passed us in the opposite direction with confused looks on their faces.

Never ones for going with the norm, the Podia | Festka team continued in the wrong direction that took us up local legendary climb ‘Der Hammer’ rather than down it.

MCC | Mobiele cyclus club

One hundred and twenty five very wet kilometers later and we were being taken care of by the legendary Rapha twosome; Franco and Andy from the MCC. Fed, watered and with our chains cleaned and lubed we set off for the second part of the day.

The bad weather had now retreated enough for us to remove unnecessary garments, with temperatures rising so much that jerseys had to be unzipped. Riding in the correct direction meant that we were no longer solitary and conversation however brief or long with passing teams made the ride even more entertaining. The terrain became more ‘Belgium’ with fewer long climbs and plenty of rolling hills.

History | Geschiedenis

As much as everyone enjoys a good race, and the feeling of passing or being passed by other teams plucks on some strings somewhere deep inside, we never set out to create a team capable of winning races. With that in mind a chance to take a moment and pay respect at the Henri-Chapelle American Cemetery in Hombourg, felt very appropriate for our project.

The recent history of this part of the world, including actions that took place in Eastern Europe with all its consequences across the rest of the continent interests us a great deal.  It is always hard to be here and not be profoundly effected by the level of sacrifice that many gave.

Tech woes | tech ellende

Back to the racing and it seemed that our navigation woes were not quite over as both of the Garmins decided they had done enough work for the day, leaving us without any idea where we should go (Rapha cue sheets had long since disintegrated in the rain).

To our good fortune the team from let us tag on with them as they guided us back towards the finish. Before long the group swelled further with two other teams (counting Marianne Vos in their ranks) before we hit the final climb of the day up to ‘t Hijgend Hert.

To the end | Tot het einde

Once at the top, the teams drank beer together and regaled stories of the day’s adventures. Congratulations to Festka who not only ‘won’ the day with the fastest time, but also donated their prize (in the form of a mountain of beer) to the festivities.