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Not An Average Cycling Holiday
September 16, 2018 Max Burgess

Not An Average Cycling Holiday

Julian Alps Roadventure 2018

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At Podia you won’t find an average cycling holiday. When you come on a Podiaventure you will experience locations you never knew existed, with roads you only dreamed of, riding with people who are just like you! One of the trips of the 2018 season was the Julian Alps Roadventure in Slovenia and Italy.

We don’t offer trips in the usual cycling destinations – there are plenty of other companies for that. That is why our guests enjoy Podiaventures. They trust us to find new and interesting destinations that others don’t think to cycle. The proof in this trust is when guests fly from the other-side of the world to participate in their second Podiaventure second year in a row!

The Julian Alps had everything we had hoped for and most importantly what riders fantasise about; quiet alpine roads with flavour of a different country and culture.

A cycling holiday where it’s all about adventure and exploration


Roadventures are a chance to get away and explore new locations; places you might not have thought of visiting. You can switch off from normal life and concentrate on discovering something new. Podia takes care of all the tedious arrangements.

We spend hundreds of hours researching, planning and testing our trips to make sure every detail is right. Routes that challenge you, like the 50 switchbacks of the Vršič Pass and then reward you, like descending down 10km on a Dolomite-esq road for beer and a pasta at the base of the mountains.

And then there is the Mangart, one of our favouriteroads of all time. It doesn’t get much better!

Not your average cycling holiday!

Julian Alps Roadventure trip will take place 3 – 7 July 2019. We have started taking bookings. Do email us if you had any additional questions. Hope to see you in Slovenia next year!

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