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Roadventures Recon
June 14, 2016 Max Burgess

Roadventures Recon

In the Shadows of the Tatra

Posted in Podia News

The mountain seems no more a soulless thing,

But rather as a shape of ancient fear,

In darkness and the winds of Chaos born

Amid the lordless heavens’ thundering

A Presence crouched, enormous and austere,

Before whose feet the mighty waters mourn.

George Sterling


The Tatra Mountains make up the highest part of the Carpathian range that stretches in an arc from Czech Republic, through Slovakia, Poland, Hungary and the Ukranie all the way down to Romania.

The Tatra’s are rugged mountains with high cols and precipitous faces. The wall-like nature of them forms a natural border between Poland and Slovakia with only a few places to pass through them.

At the end of June, they will be the location of the first Podia Roadventure.

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