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A Titanium Unicorn
February 27, 2019 Max Burgess
Stelbel OSB

A Titanium Unicorn

Stelbel Ti OSB

Posted in Machines

A unicorn is a legendary creature, something of a symbol of fantasy or rarity. When it came to this Stelbel Titanium OSB that might just be the case.

While Stelbel have a solid stable of bike models covering most people’s desires, they also offer the opportunity for something fully custom. OSB (Officina Stelio Belletti) is the name of their special program that gives riders a chance to create a bike from their fantasy.

In the case of this particular bike, it was Podia friend Barney, who went into the depths of his imagination, to work out exactly what he wanted from a bike. As someone who doesn’t follow N+1 rule, this machine had to be great at everything; from dancing up the steepest climbs to cruising on the gravel tracks. A creation from fantasy?

The result is a frameset based on the materials of the Stelbel Ti9 model with a heavily altered geometry that would allow for extra tyre width. Sleek looks were achieved by designing an aggressive sloping top tube to be the same angle as the stem, while the extra exposed seat tube gave it extra ‘pro’ stylings.

The essence was to create a machine with road bike feel but with big tyres for multiple terrains and general comfort. Shown here with 700x38c Hunt wheelset, but the frame will also happily take up to a 650bx47 wheel and tyre combination. The build is completed with full ENVE cockpit with a matching G-Series gravel fork with SRAM RED groupset.

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