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The Julian Alps
May 11, 2018 Max Burgess

The Julian Alps

Roadventure Recon

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The Julian Alps in Slovenia might just be the cycling paradise that nobody knows about. This is what makes it the perfect destination for Podia Roadventures; long weekends of cycling, designed around exploring locations that are off the beaten track.

Each Roadventure trip is carefully planned to take into account all the details that make every weekend an extraordinary cycling experience. This enables our guests to come and ride a new location, where all they need to focus on is the incredible scenery.

Carefully Curated Routes

At the core of our trips are a series of carefully curated routes that we spend hours planning, checking and amending until we are happy they are ready for our guests.

During the recent recon trip to the Julian Alps in Slovenia, we spent more than 30 hours checking roads both in the car, on the bike and by foot. We make the most of local knowledge from our collaborators and local guides, even our accommodation host offered us some valuable suggestions.

Roadventures are all about experiencing a new country and landscape. To help you do this we think every detail should be right when we plan a trip. Routes are curated to make sure the rider sees the highlights, although in a country as beautiful as Slovenia, this is quite a simple task, whenever you turn there is a breathtaking view!

Thought and planning of our rides starts with the warm-up that is just enough to loosen the legs and give a taste of the spectacular scenery. But the planning also runs as deep as knowing when we need to allow for easier recovery days. This makes sure the riders have fresh legs for the very best parts of the weekend.

Building to the ‘Queen’s Stage’

The weekend builds up to a crescendo with the final ‘Queen’s Stage’. You will tackle the hardest, but most beautiful riding that Slovenia has to offer.  This is sure to have the widest smiles on faces on the descent back to the base.

Understanding the history of a place adds an extra layer of interest to exploring it by bike. This notion is at the forefront of our minds when we are planning a Roadventure. Riding the mountains and valleys of Slovenia offers an array of 20thcentury history. It will have our guests as interested by their surroundings as they are awestruck by their beauty.

Creating the perfect experience extends to off the bike time too. Finding accommodation that is strategically positioned for the best riding is key. But, it also has to offer the perfect character and levels of comfort. Planning the restaurants and menus for each night ahead of the trip is also an important factor. Making sure our guests are well nourished, guarantees that they get the most out of the riding days.

Our Goal

Our goal is for you to feel that from the very beginning of the weekend every detail has been taken care of. We want you to leave with cycling memories that will last you a lifetime.

Join us in The Julian Alps

We have the last few remaining spaces available for the Julian Alps Roadventuretaking place from the 6th – 10th June 2018. If you are interested in experiencing a cycling paradise that few know about, don’t miss this opportunity.