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The Spluga Goats
August 16, 2017 Max Burgess

The Spluga Goats

Friends Meet on a Mountain

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The Splügenpass or Passo dello Spluga is a mountain pass 2,113m above sea level that separates Italy and Switzerland. It was also where a group of friends decided to meet for a ride.

For some of the group it was the very first time their friendship had left the cyber realm and what better way to meet than riding up a mountain?

The Englishman, Italian and German named themselves for the day ‘The Spluga Goats’ (possibly due to one member’s affection for the frisky, mountain-loving animals). They had been speaking of riding together for a long time, as many of us do. On this occasion they made it a reality.

Manuel made the four-hour journey from Stuttgart to the top of Spluga where he took his bike and cycled down to Chiavenna, there he met Barney and Carlo who had just arrived from Bergamo.

To cycle the Spluga Pass from Chiavenna is a 31km climb with 1,791m elevation; an average gradient of 6%. The group made their way up the mountain, chatting and taking pictures as they went before finishing at the top with some food and drink.

With only crumbs of bread and empty glasses left on the table, the three said their farewells and made their ways home.

Sometimes small rewards require big efforts; sharing the road for a few hours along with some food and drink was enough for the Spluga Goats. Cycling is one of very few activities that can inspire people to such endeavours.

We are proud they chose Podia kit to wear on the day as they inspire us all to get out there and ride with that person we’ve been meaning to!

Chapeau gents!

The Podia Summer Social is back… ride as much as you can in a week to win Podia prizes. See the blog post for more information.