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Explore Hidden Europe

Podiaventures are fun, social rides with a chance to meet new people with the same interests. They are not only about performance, but the joys of adventure and exploration.

Fully planned routes with a support crew who look after you from the moment of your arrival to your departure. Accommodation in unique hotels as well as dinners in captivating places.

With our base location in Kraków, Poland; we offer Guided Rides and Day Trips in the vicinity of the city. If you are visiting for a shorter period and only have limited riding time, why not make use of our expertise.

We also offer our fleet of Genesis road and gravel bikes for rental to visitors of Kraków.

Roadventure: our classic long weekend of road cycling in stunning locations. Fully supported.

Gravelventure: a long weekend of riding on the rough stuff. Support is limited to the ride guides on the ride with you.

Roadventure Tour: a weeklong point-to-point adventure which brings a different hotel each night. We take care of all the logistics, so all you have to do is ride.

Guided Rides: a half or full day of riding the countryside surrounding Kraków with one of the expert Podia guides.

Day Trips: our Roadventure and Gravelventure experience compressed into one day.

Previous Guests

  • Many thanks to the Podia Team for making the trip very enjoyable. An amazing opportunity to explore the origins of Poland and Slovakia on two wheels. It was an amazing 4 days of adventure with a friendly bunch!

    Matthew, Singapore
    Matthew, SingaporeTatra Mountains 2018
  • The Tatras are challenging and steep at times, but the support of Podia team and other riders turned it to fun. The thought of cold polish beer and good food at the end of the day made the Roadventure exceptional package of challenge, fun and relaxation

    Ben, Germany
    Ben, GermanyTatra Mountains June 2016
  • Thank you for the amazing bike trip. Fun, challenging and perfectly organized!

    Yannick, Belgium
    Yannick, BelgiumTatra Mountains June 2017