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Bike Rental




Rent a bike in Krakow and set yourself free.

Rent a road or gravel bike from us and explore Kraków and the countryside beyond. Take an easy spin down the Vistula River or head north and explore the limestone rock formations of Ojców National Park.

We can suggest routes for you to ride or if you would like the company of a guide with local knowledge, check out our guided rides.








Terms & Conditions

Bike Rental

Bikes available for rent are presented and described in the offer. Price per day of bike rental is presented in the offer. When you rent a bike from us you confirm that you are over the age of 18, are of an appropriate level of fitness to use the bike, have the necessary experience to use it as well as have tested and checked its working condition. You also confirm that you are accepting the reasonability for the integrity of the bike. Bike rental does not include any insurance. That means theft, robbery, burglary, crash and health insurance is in your hands. In the event of a crash, damage, theft, responsibility will be with you and we will charge you an equivalent amount to the damaged caused by the bike and/or equipment. You also confirm that you will not hold responsible Podia for any personal injuries or property damage, loss as well as injuries, death, damage, loss or delay in any means of transportation or by reasons of any event beyond the actual control of Podia. We will ask you to sign this Release of Liability form ahead of your Bike rental start.

We will ask for your ID or passport or driving licence and will retain it for the duration of the Bike Rental. We will not be able to give you the bike unless you leave with us one of the above mentioned documents. Bike rental does not include helmet. You are recommended to bring your own pedals.


Bike Rental Booking

Booking and reservation is made by email at [email protected]. Please enquire by email regarding dates and availability of bicycle you are interested in. Once the payment for the Bike Rental is received the booking is confirmed.


Bike Rental Payment

Payments in EUR can be made via PayPal account or by direct bank transfer. Payments in PLN can be made by a direct bank transfer. We will send you by email PayPal payment request link or bank transfer details. Once payment is received you will be sent invoice confirmation and agreement with all booking details.


Bike Rental Cancellation

We understand circumstances may change and you will need to cancel your Bike Rental. If you let us know by email at [email protected] that you would like to cancel your Bike Rental up to 7 days ahead of the agreed Bike Rental start, we will make a full refund of money paid and cancel your Bike Rental. The cancelation will need to be confirmed by our return email to you. If you email us less that 7 days ahead of the agreed Bike Rental start we will refund you 75% of money paid and cancel your Bike Rental. The cancelation will need to be confirmed by our return email to you.