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June 5, 2015 Max Burgess
  • Velocipedo


A Designers Eye

Posted in Meet the Makers

Velocipedo is a new brand of carbon and titanium bikes started by industrial designer Matthias Jeschke.

Jeschke has been working on the brand and it’s collections for the past year, which saw its debut at this year’s Berliner Fahrradschau. We say collections because that is precisely what Matthias has created; with only limited numbers of each design available, which once sold out will never be repeated.

Jeschke has spent a long time sourcing the best carbon and titanium frames from Asian manufacturers. Working with the titanium producers he has developed a precise geometry that was refined over numerous prototypes until he was happy with it. He has spent even longer searching out the best German based finishers, capable of delivering his complex compositions for frame, forks, stems and handlebars.

As a designer he enjoys simplicity and elegance and this comes through in his work with bikes. His frames sometimes seem quite simple from a distance, often using one or two tones of colour. It isn’t until you approach them that you can appreciate the level of detail in the design and finishing craft, with each step closer revealing more. Sandblasting is an intricate method at the best of times, adding such numerous small characteristics to each frame makes it a harder and lengthier process.

While Matthias might not be an artisan framemaker, slaving over a tig welder, there is no doubting his design eye and attention to detail. To appreciate what he is doing with Velocipedo, you have to appreciate him as a designer. With each collection he matches the frame, fork, stem, seatpost and handlebars that are then finished as a singular homogenous piece.

We are really interested to see how Matthias develops Velocipedo and if his debut at Berliner Fahrradschau is anything to go by, we don’t think he will have any problems. Good luck!