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WR Compositi
December 21, 2017 Max Burgess

WR Compositi

Bike parts and Supercars

Posted in Meet the Makers

WR Compositi produce lightweight carbon components for road and mountain bikes. Handmade from the highest spec carbon in their workshop in Bergamo, Italy. We went along to discover more about what makes them so special.

We first encountered WR Compositi wheels in person during a Podia Roadventure when a guest brought along his stunning Stelbel Anterore with WR Aera wheels.

WR Compositi was founded in 1992 by brothers Yuri and Alex Balestra. Their first product was an MTB handlebar and soon after they lay claim to the first ever full carbon stem. In 2003 they produced a road frame and have continued to innovate carbon products ever since.

All-in-one package

They might just be one of very few companies who can deliver you a full carbon bike with everything produced in house (except for the groupset)!

Alex still races his very own WR Predore frame with full WR component build, that he takes great pride in showing us. At 58 years old that is pretty impressive, but he hopes to still be racing when he is 90.

However, hi-end bicycle parts are not the only thing they produce. Alex also has another two-wheeled passion. He shows us his moto-cross bike that he recently crashed while racing. Produced under their brand WRM, the bike is (as you would expect) carbon and produced in-house.

But, it doesn’t end there. When we entered their workshop, we see some larger pieces being finished. These obviously have no relation to bicycles or moto cross bikes and we later discover that WR are actually responsible for the carbon dashboards (as well as other parts) for some of the most expensive Italian supercars!

Just to further showcase their diversity, Yuri also shows us some carbon knife handles that he had been producing for a client while we visited.

High-end materials, high-end results

WR Compositi only make components from the very best carbon available that is certified by the aviation industry. This is unidirectional (UD) prepreg T800 and T1000. Combine this with the fact that their components have very little automatic process in their construction and you soon understand why the quality and price is high.

WR Compositi: Stems and Supercars

If you decide to spec your next bike with WR Compositi parts, you will be safe in the knowledge that the very same hands that crafted your handlebars were also responsible for the dashboards of some of the finest Ferraris, Lamborghinis and Maseratis. Enjoy!